Our Mission

AmeriFlax is the trade organization that represents North Dakota flax producers. The organization is funded by flax check-off dollars from the North Dakota Oilseed Council. Our purpose is to increase the use and sale of U.S.-grown flax and by-products in domestic and foreign markets. AmeriFlax guides programs on public relations, advertising, nutrition research, market research and consumer and industrial education.

What We Do

To enhance a flaxseed producer's profitability through timely market access and viable market values. To provide the public, producers, industry and media timely and quality information concerning the flaxseed industry and the value of flaxseed. To enhance a flaxseed producers profitability through quality research and development. To enhance, maintain and protect the U.S. flaxseed indsutry through government education and programs.

To maintain good working relations with North Dakota State University, University of North Dakota, United States Department of Agriculture's Research Service and the North Dakota Department of Agriculture. To promote the production of flaxseed to producers through educational programs, trade shows and media.